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Code of Conduct / No Weapons Policy

We look forward to your visit.

Code of Conduct

Please note management reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy, eject, or ban any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly, disruptive, offensive, harassing, or inappropriate or threatens the health, safety, or well-being of Aquarium animals, staff, or guests. Causes for ejection and ban from future visits include, but are not limited to, causing harm both physical and mental to Aquarium animals, staff, or guests; lewd conduct or language; sexual harassment; disparaging comments based on protected characteristics; littering or deliberately damaging property; loitering; or consumption or possession of illegal narcotics or weapons (real or imitation). This covers behavior onsite as well as via phone, email, and on social media.

No Weapons Policy

The Aquarium of the Pacific has established – and strictly enforces – a No Weapons policy. Weapons include firearms, chemical weapons, knives, or other sharp instruments. Signage on Aquarium property states weapons of any kind are not permitted. Visitors are prohibited from carrying firearms at any time on Aquarium property.

Onsite Magnetic Scanner

The Aquarium utilizes a low-frequency magnetic scanner during guest entry. This is not an X-ray machine and is safe for all guests and staff. This system is designed to reduce unnecessary bag checks and enhance the safety of all guests. All guests are required to cross over the scanner as they enter.

Prohibited items on Aquarium property

For the safety of guests, staff, and animals, all bags are subject to search. Refusal to bag search may result in non-admittance to the Aquarium. Prohibited items are listed below.

  • Firearms, ammunition, and similar items.
  • Weapons or items that may be used as weapons, including knives, sharp tools, or other sharp instruments
  • Chemical weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages not purchased on site
  • Animals, except for service animals as defined in the ADA
  • Coolers or ice chests. Exceptions are made for infants and those with special medical needs

Failure to act in accordance with Aquarium policies may result in:

  • Intervention by security, management staff, or law enforcement.
  • Confiscation of illegal/prohibited items, which may be turned over to law enforcement authorities
  • Request from security or management staff to leave Aquarium property
  • Revocation or suspension of membership privileges, if applicable

Thunder/Lightning Procedures:

While relatively rare, weather conditions in our region occasionally involve thunder/lightning and can be dangerous for all persons in outdoor areas while the storm passes over. To maintain the safety of our guests and staff members during a thunder/lightning event, the following protocol will be implemented:

  • All Aquarium guests and staff in outdoor areas will be directed to indoor areas. This is not optional, and all guests/staff are respectfully asked to comply with staff instructions in these moments.

Outdoor operations will resume once conditions are no longer considered to be dangerous for guests and staff.