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Pacific Currents

Read the latest issues of Pacific Currents, our magazine created just for members.

Pacific Currents Spring 2024

Frogs: Facing a Changing World

The intriguing world of amphibians connects ecosystems, reflects a rich natural history, contains enormous diversity, and gives a glimpse at future environmental impacts.

Pacific Currents Winter 2024

Ocean Life in a Changing World

Climate change is impacting the ocean, the animals that live there, and ultimately each of us. Learn why this is happening and what we can do to help.

Pacific Currents Fall 2023

Stories of Southern California Conservation

Hear from the people behind our Southern California conservation programs.

Pacific Currents Spring 2023

Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary with New Exhibits and More!

Discover treasured ocean habitats right outside our door. Learn about them and how they are the focus of the reimagined Southern California Gallery and our 25th anniversary celebration.

Pacific Currents Winter 2023

Aquarium Careers

There are many jobs necessary to run the Aquarium of the Pacific. From animal care specialists to guest services, explore these roles and more, and learn what it takes to enter into a career in the aquarium field.

Pacific Currents Fall 2022

AI: Ground-Breaking Efforts in Shark Breeding

Our research has paved the way for shark artificial insemination to become a standard practice at aquariums and has applications for conservation of wild sharks.

Pacific Currents Spring 2022


A new exhibit at the Aquarium this summer will showcase baby animals from the ocean and highlight the significant and groundbreaking births that have happened here. Also in this issue, read about our new desert tortoise, penguin breeding season, and rescued sea otter pups.

Pacific Currents Winter 2022

The Last of the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs

In the fall of 2020 the Bobcat Fire destroyed mountain areas where biologists had just released critically endangered frogs. Zoos and aquariums including the Aquarium of the Pacific took action to save them. Also in this issue, read about the arrival of a new rescued sea otter pup and a sandbar shark in Shark Lagoon.

Pacific Currents Fall 2021

Tentacles, Ink, and Intelligence

Cephalopods have a sizable fan base among humans. We love them for their otherworldly appearance, their camouflaging and puzzle-solving abilities, and their fascinating mythology and lore. Meet the Aquarium’s cephalopods, including flamboyant cuttlefish, pamaja squid, and the giant Pacific octopus. Other stories in this issue cover a major bird rescue effort. In July the Aquarium helped rescue hundreds of elegant tern chicks that were falling into the water from a nesting site on two barges in Long Beach Harbor. Also, read about Ollie the sea otter’s move to another facility.

Pacific Currents Spring 2021

Sharks: The Keepers of the Reef

This issue of Pacific Currents focuses on coral reefs. Read about an important study on reef sharks around the world, our efforts to help preserve one of the planet’s most pristine reef ecosystems, and our latest exhibit Coral Reefs: Nature’s Underwater Cities. Also learn about our efforts to help save a local frog species and to learn more about the endangered black sea bass.